The Project aims to delve into the individual behaviour in the current society and how the new era of information and communication affects our decision making, driving our lives onto some determinate coordinates.

The huge amount of information available just one glance away from our smartphone not only expands our knowledge but also reduces our scope of action by conditioning one correct decision, guiding us through just one possible path. We now live with great dependence on these tons of information and we also demand the access to it be immediately. This necessity seems, obviously, not that necessary.

Nowadays its complex to make a decision that has not been tested with hundreds of previous experiences. This reduces our astonishment and enthusiasm from the unknown; expectations on a result that wont be unexpected any more.

The core of this work tries to show how mankind history has developed in another way. This first image set, focuses on the space race where the soviet astronauts from the early seventies went out space without any previous existence of past experiences. The paradigm on the unexpected results both dreamy and full of fear, by trying to make us meditate on the way we face the current world and the way we face our daily decisions.

The passion and fear for the unpredictable of the journey are described in the look of Valentina Tereshkova (*), present in some of the images. The gestation of these still embryonic space projects even contemplated the possibility of finding God.

The space; an environment which in that point of history was completely unknown for the XX century humans.

This print set tries to evoke that lost paradise of ignorance and idealization of the unknown that has marked human history.

The present days loss of emotion for the unknown results a way to anesthetize emotions and homogenize behaviors. Maybe even the loss of that tingling for the unknown Sagan described.

These work pieces have been edited in a workshop (Arco Tijera in Madrid, Spain). It is a set of prints, lithography’s, worked using traditional techniques such as watered lithography and others using photolithography and digital procedures.

(*) First woman is space. She completed 48 orbits around the Earth in its three days in space. June 1963.

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